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I would be interested to hear views on the new Qobuz functionality in the Naim app. I am generally pleased with it; I had lots of issues using Chromecast with Qobuz so this is a huge step forward, thanks Naim! Generally robust, easy to use and SQ is good especially with the HiRes access I now have. There appears to be no access to the ‘editorial’ content which is perhaps not surprising but one thing I can’t find is a way to search the whole Qobuz catalogue for albums/tracks/artists within the app. Any ideas?

The magnifying glass icon in the top R corner of the screen searches Qobuz, Tidal, and local files on the USB input. You don’t need to be in the Qobuz input to access this search.
Search results can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, so if you don’t find what you want first time, a bit of persistence can help. You can use the Qobuz app to search, save what you want, and it will then appear in the Naim app Qobuz input.


Thanks Chris. You are correct about hit and miss though. I have restarted my my iPad and it now gives Qobuz and local music results.

Overall integration v good apart from fact that although I can arrange albums in alphabetical order on Qobuz app, on Naim app they are displayed in order they were saved. Effectively this means they are displayed in random order and now that I have a lot of albums saved it is very hard to find them. I have let Naim technical support know but no solution in sight

I have raised this exact issue with Naim support. They responded saying that Qobuz did not support alphabetical sorting in their own app. After I sent them a video showing the Qobuz app sorting alphabetically (either by album or artist), they seemed surprised and forwarded it to their software developer team.

Hopefully they will get it sorted as I find it a major irritation to be honest!


This is for me one of the many benefits of incurring the expenses to implement Roon (which I did before update because Chromecast was so horrible). Between Qobuz and locally stored files, I have just under 2,000 albums (a number that continues to grow as Roon leads me to albums, artists and compositions I hadn’t heard before). It was almost impossible to find what I was trying to locate.

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Roon would solve the issue as you say. But for my own use case, with only 1 endpoint and only 200 or so CDs, which I have ripped and put on a USB thumb drive in the back of my Atom, I think it would be overkill for me. Sorting of albums alphabetically in the Naim app would give me enough means to navigate my local and Qobuz albums just fine.

Seems such an incredibly obvious oversight in this day and age, not to be able to sort a list in an app.

Fingers crossed they get it sorted.

Agreed. Roon has other benefits but probably overkill in your situation.

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