Qobuz is not working with Focal/Naim iPhone/iPad app anymore

Hi there,

Just out of a sudden I cannot stream Qobuz directly through the Naim app (via iPhone or iPad).

Does anyone else experience the same issues or is it more likely my ND5 XS 2 is letting me down?

What I’ve already did:

Factory reset Streamer
Reboot internet router
all up2date versions are live
re-installed dedicated apps on my devices

In addition, prior to the new Focal/Naim app approx. 3 weeks ago, the entire navigation within the app was buggy. E.g.: while choosing a track within a (Qobuz) playlist, the app suddenly jumps back to the main menu.

Do you gives noticed similarities within your setup?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best from Hamburg (Germany),

Go to your Qobuz account via computer or phone (app) …log out…log in again.

Try again via Naim app.


I could narrow the issue down to my previous password change.

After re:logging & re:installation of the app everything works fine.


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