Qobuz launches in six more countries

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand.
Discover the artists shaking up Northern Europe and Oceania. Always in unrivaled sound quality.

Good news for those of you who have been waiting for this development…


Just noticed that on their site. A positive sign.

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Still no Canada, that will upset some.


Possibly Canadians?


Not even Quebec? Apparently francophone ties aren’t anymore what they used to be… :wink:


As a Canadian, I think the new Qobuz launch sucks.
However, It does seem potentially promising …


You have enough home grown entertainment:

Can’t believe they used the phrase that ‘the member was in great shape’ :rofl:


We are a weird bunch …

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The humour is borderless though!

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Oh, I missed this, must go check it out. Happy days. Check it out @Pete_the_painter @Bevo

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It’s not cheap, $44.90 a month.

Hmm, $23.33/month for a 12 month subscription here. I’m trying to set up a trial, but the web site won’t accept my cc. I’ve sent in a support request - not a great start…

I thin that’s the family subscription. I haven’t been able to see how many devices you can have on a single account.

Yep just found the $24.99 per month but choose the yearly subscription.

That’s a bit disappointing I’ve signed up for the studio quality, played a hi res file and according to my app it’s an MP3.

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I can’t even sign up!

I think I’ve signed up twice. The only way I can play hi res is through chromecast from my Atom and I can’t stream to my 272 or my Muso. Does anyone know if that’s correct.

Help and advice required.

I’ve entered my payment details 4 times and still don’t have access. Not an encouraging start and their web site is a mess TBH.

There is no Qobuz support for the 1st gen streamers, although you can sneak it in through the back door using multiroom from the Atom. HiRes should work on the Atom where it’s available. The catalogue has a steadily increasing amount of 24 bit material, but it’s a mixture of 16/44.1, 24/44.1, 24/96 and 24/192.


That may be a subscription integration issue, i.e. I have had delays when subscribing to online services whle they get activated between the subscription management / customer revenue system and the actual streaming servers…

Your Atom should be able to play Qobuz hi-res / 96/24 ‘natively’ via the Naim App once you have signed into the Qobuz services under ‘input settings’ in the app, and you could then try to use Naim Multi-room on the Atom as ‘master’ to stream to your 272 and Muso 1 .

I no longer have a Muso 1 to test this fully, but it works (right now) using Qobuz Hi-Res with my Atom as the ‘master’ and NDX2 and Qb2 as the ‘slaves’ in Naim multi-room, although I normally use the NDX2 as the master.

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