Qobuz launches in six more countries

Just got an e-mail today telling me the above. (and is now available).
The countries are Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Portugal.
Maybe of use to those in these countries.


Equadorians are inconsolable!

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Hopefully Qobuz will be around for a long time. Good luck to them. Subscriptions have come down and that makes it an affordable monthly treat in these trying difficult financial times

I use Qobuz to try music out and then go onto buy the CD ( or possibly the Hi Res download) if I really like the album. The sheer library of music on Qobuz is staggering.

I am a collector still and what with the artwork, lyrics and credits on the CD, I then get an appreciable sonic lift by playing the ripped cd local file in WAV on my Core.

Just bought the Weather Station -Ignorance album and that sounds so much better than the 24 bit streamed version, as good as that is. Until you play the ripped version and then wow!

Why is Canada ignored? Right next door to the US, but nothing🤷‍♂️

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As far as I read there seem to be legal/tax problems. It’s next door but a different country. I would guess that Qobuz doesn’t pass on income from Canada out of spite or ignorance.

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Finely I have Qobuz…

Not only Canadians are ignored by Qobuz but even Apple will not let you download the Qobuz app on a Canadian iPhone even if you are traveling into the US with a US sim card in the phone.

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it’s us, not Qobuz. Canada ha a very protectionist outlook. The government agencies in charge of such, actually believe that it’s helping the populous. There may also be some corporation/organization with big bucks lobbying against it. Something of the sort. C’est dommage …


Tidal is pretty decent, but I would love to see what all the hype is for about Qobuz high-res streams. I have an IPhone with Apple Music, but have not tried streaming that to my Ifi Zen stream
I figured it was our government demanding their slice of the pie for taxes that scared Qobuz away.

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Yeah, it’ll b.e taxes or too high Canadian content regs. But I also find that Tidal is quite good. Didn’t they improve SQ recently? I’m not sure, but lately they’ve sounded better I thought.
My NDS won’t stream Qobuz, but I can’t even buy hirez files from them.

I am not aware of them improving the sound quality. I downgraded my subscription to Hifi a while back, no MQA Dac for me. I just signed up for a year of Roon today, after a 3 month trial for $2. Not bad really, $20 dollars a month for Tidal and Roon, cheaper than most countries I believe.

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Yes, I’ve heard many positives things about Roon. A few didn’t like it but most do. I hope you get on well with it, I may give it a try sometime. As you say, that’s not a bad price.

The way I see roon as an advantage forgetting the look of it, is that I use the same software for all devices of different brands without thinking of it too much or using multiple apps.

Also my family use the same interface and have their own user playlists.

But if I only listened on one computer and one streamer or device, I would be happy with the software that made me listen to my music.

I am using roon for some years now, also the hardware for streaming that I acquired was with roon compatibility in mind.

The advantage of roon is that is not brand exclusive, it works with almost all I can think of with one interface on multiple platforms. The quirks are only two streaming services, subscription model, and a few bugs from time to time.

For me is not a choice if is the best or not, is the comfort and experience I come used to have with roon, it sounds and looks good.

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not yet here in Australia either

Can you please share where you read this about legal/tax problems? I find it hard to believe. Another French streaming service, Deezer has been in Canada for quite a few years. Also, Qobuz in supplying compressed streams to a Quebec only telecom provider, so I would be skeptical of the reasons you cited for their lack of presence in the rest of Canada. see info here - Qobuz partners with Canadian telco - High Resolution Audio

I googled and found some discussions about this. No idea if it’s true, but I suppose that if Qobuz could get additional profit from Canadians then I would guess that they would.

I guess if they are supplying compressed streams to a Quebec only telecom provider, then something will be preventing them from launching the full streaming service.

No idea why Deezer can / wants to and Qobuz does not.

@david1111 is in Toronto and seemed to be saying something similar.

If I have to guess, probably something to do with this:


What a joke,Trudeau needs to stay out of our home entertainment choices. Still,Tidal found a way in somehow.


`I use Qobuz in Canada but fortunately was in the USA just when it was introduced a few years back and downloaded/set it up there. Maybe I’m grandfathered by getting in early and not subject to recent initiatives like apple blocking Canadian users.
Having used Tidal since 2016, also early-days roon then, I consider Qobuz better across the board, especially partnered with the Innuos sense app.
I have no idea why Qobuz won’t include Canada. It’s unlikely a result the recent legislation/taxation of streaming. More likely copyright issues. This I believe, accounts for much more netflix content in US vs Canada

Really, what is that all about? I just got some notice from Apple on my new IPhone about payment for service or something?
I think I got Apple Music for 3 months free when I bought the phone, but use Tidal….in Canada too.

I was referring to the earlier comment that despite being in the US, the AppStore would not show or download qobuz on a phone registered in Canada. Wasn’t always the case.