Qobuz login failure

Anyone else seeing this? LUMIN on the iPad fails to login to my Qobuz account, returning a network problem / unknown error. The same message is on Linn Kazoo, with the additional info ‘Qobuz is temporarily unavailable’.

Login via the web page is fine.


Qobuz working faultlessly here across albums, and have had no issues at all in recent months.
BTW the media servers and addresses are separate from their www pages.

Could be your ISP Internet peering to the Qobuz media server addresses.
If so I am sure it will be resolved shortly as it will be affecting other things other than Qobuz on that peering route.
I can’t remember if Qobuz use AWS or similar or their own privately hosted media servers.

I’m sure i read somewhere its streamed fromAmazon Cloudfront.

Thanks for the replies. I was out yesterday so no follow up.

The issue is still present. I’ll raise it with Qobuz in the first instance to see what they say, but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Yes, that was more as confirmation that the credentials are correct.

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