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Usually I have no problems with metadata from Qobuz downloads. Just a bit of tidying up here and there. However just bought 6 blue note albums from their sale. Non had metadata. I have complained but no response yet. Anyone else had this issue? They have also changed how the charge. They now charge more for 24/192 than 24/96. My sublime+ is coming up for renewal. I may jump ship and go for their streaming plan only.

Yes numbers of times. They don’t accept complaints that readily do if you do get a reply, don’t expect much.
The worst I had was when I bought some WAV, none had any metadata, when I emailed & politely told them, the brusque reply included telling me that WAV does not contain metadata. My reply was that I had been buying WAV files from them for a number of years & it always had metadata, the reply was that was impossible.
I had numbers of other similar issues with them on the same lines.
Now I only buy from them if I can’t buy what I want elsewhere.
Plus I’ve converted to FLAC, it saves HDD space & a good media server transcoder means I still play WAV.

I download as Flac and convert to wav in dbpoweramp. There is no metadata ever on the Wavs I have tried from them these days. I saw the extra charge for the higher res downloads. I don’t like this and probably will not renew my sublime. I can buy mist stuff elsewhere anyway somewhere between the sublime price and their normal price. I still prefer a CD rip 60% of the time anyway and they are always WAY cheaper than any download!

I always download Flac files from qobuz. However, I also downloaded mp3s for the problem albums just to check. These also had the metadata missing. No problem sorting things out with Mp3tag or dBpoweramp, but this is a pain. I just wondered if this is a new Qobuz problem.

Qobuz has been patchy with metadata. More unreliable than any other supplier. But in my case this doesn’t matter. I strip most or all of the meta data out and put my own tags in. There is nothing sacred about the data supplied with files. It can be full of errors, spelling mistakes, typos etc.

There are two other sources of non existent or rubbish data in my personal music collecting experiences. Naim ripped WAVs and Special editions of albums/collections that come with hires files on a DVD or BD, such as most of Steven Wilson’s remixes.

Naim rippers don’t tag WAVs. If I couldn’t tell the difference between WAV and FLAC, or preferred FLAC this wouldn’t be an issue. But indexing a folder full of rips that originally came off HDX or US (and if I understand correctly, the latest generation of Naim rippers) requires starting from scratch, as I found when I needed to tag around 800 albums, ripped by my HDX into a tag format that could be indexed and presented by Asset and Mininserver.

Ripping hires WAVs from DVD and BD can be an even bigger challenge because it can sometimes take time to positively identify exactly which version of the track you are listening to. The Steven Wilson remixes usually contain a multitude of versions of the same tracks, some difficult to identify without some auditing and head scratching.

If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself. Tag it exactly how you want it tagged. It’s part of the fun of it for me. Even if the fun occasionally has me grinding my teeth!

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