Qobuz Migration?

So now it’s here, is there a decent way to painlessly migrate to test it out? I’ve previously used tunemymusic to transition between Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. But there doesn’t seem to be a Qobuz option.

Any suggestions how to most efficiently try out Qobuz?

Qobuz like most music services have a free trial period. So sign up whilst keeping your existing service.

Then use a service like soundiiz ( https://soundiiz.com/ ) to migrate your playlists from your old service to your new. Some albums and tracks might not show up because of the difference in catalog coverage… but it gets you going.

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I used Soundiiz very recently to move from Tidal to QoBuz. It worked really well.

It’s worth reviewing albums that don’t automatically migrate as the matching isn’t 100% perfect.


Thanks! I’ll check out soundiiiz :slight_smile:

I have been using Qobuz for nearly a year and Soundiz to convert in Tidal and Spotify playlists as Qobuz is very poor.

Lately though post Soundiz conversion Tidal and Spotify to Qobuz has now a circa 50% fail rate, as in the tracks do not exist on Qobuz.

The Qobuz customer support or very, very poor, but I have always found that to be the case.

It is really making Qobuz unusable.
The Android app constantly crashes, ios is better.

Listening offline is sometimes impossible.

I keep resorting back to Tidal for playlists and mobile.

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wow sounds like you are having a nightmare
I wouldn’t put up with that

when I transferred from tidal to qobuz using soundiz I had over 90% success
ios app has never crashed
offline never been a problem

interesting that different people having different experiences

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The download issue I believe is Qobuz messing around with their subscription and also maybe the Naim streaming options some are experiencing.

Qobuz is ok for classical and jazz type genres, but beyond that it is very poor.

As mentioned I’ve been using Qobuz for a year now, also in parallel with Tidal Hifi and Spotify.

I wouldn’t say it’s very poor outside classical and jazz.
Pretty much most of my listening is on there, but I think they don’t do as much electronic stuff

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QOBUZ range is excellent in genres beyond jazz and classical. I seldom find non-availability of other forms, even esoteric material

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Sometimes I find that it’s the search that is the problem. It can take a bit of trial and error to find an artist, album or track. Don’t ask me why.

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i have found very similar probs with tidal search especially for world music. still waiting for qobuz on muso2 before i can compare

I have been using Qobuz for the last three weeks although not with a Naim streamer. I have used it on my Astell & Kern DAP which is the Android version and I have also loaded it on to my iphone X. I have really tried very hard to like it but, unfortunately, my experiences with Qobuz have been similar to those of @obsydian.

There was initially quite a bad bug on the Android version which does seem to have been rectified now. But it still takes a long time on both the Android and iOS versions for the list of favourites to be completely displayed and means on the iOS version scrolling right to the end of the list of 600+ albums before it will display the full list. On the Android version, I have waited about 5 minutes and then tabbed between various menu options before returning to the Favourites list when it eventually appears. I’m not sure if it’s just the passing of time or switching between the different tabs which actually solves the problem. Qobuz support isn’t great and after a longish wait usually just give one line generic answers like ‘try reloading’ or ‘wait for next release’.

However, for me the real killer is the lack of content for the type of music I listen to, mainly smaller label new releases, compared to Tidal. This makes it unsuitable for me as a discovery tool.

Sound quality wise on the Astell & Kern I would say the difference is small and not always in favour of Qobuz. Athough arguably slightly cleaner and more detailed, I would say it’s a leaner sound which doesn’t always work well in my situation and I often prefer the more full-bodied sound of Tidal for many albums.

Once I have my proper home system set up with probably either a Naim or Auralic streamer I will try it again. But for now, I’m sticking with Tidal. The difference is reduced slightly fo me as well by MQA processing being available on the Astell & Kern and only paying €19.99 instead of £19.99 for Tidal for historic reasons.

I think it’s fair to say though that most Naim streamer users seem to prefer Qobuz to Tidal.

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