Qobuz my weekly Q

Just got the notication from qobuz about this feature!
Would be nice if it would become available in the Naim app if possible.

Thanks Piet

I’d also ask Qobuz if they’re working on a Qobuz Connect feature.

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That would be nice also, but must say I am content with Naim app integration, so happy customer!


Innuos Sense has full Qobuz integration without the official existence of a Connect. Where there’s a will…

I am very satisfied with Naim app integration too​:blush::+1:

Innuos Sense doesn’t show My Weekly Q though. You have to create a playlist and then add the tracks to it one by one. Sadly Qobuz doesn’t provide the option to make it a playlist with just one click.

Once you’ve created the playlist it will then show as a Qobuz playlist in Innuos Sense and the Naim app, too.

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I’m pretty sure you can add it with one click. Start it playing and add the play queue as a playlist

Ah, thank you! I’ll try that next week when my index finger has grown back…

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Yes, you can easily play a Q playlist in the Qobuz app and save it there as a Qobuz playlist. That should immediately appear in the Naim app.


A bit out of topic, but I don’t want to create a new topic for only a single question.
Why Bandcamp doesn’t have a streaming platform? It’s my favourite site .

That indeed would be nice.

I think the reason is because Bandcamp exists to provide a platform for the sale of musician’s work.

The built in streaming function is simply to enable “try before you buy”.

I may be wrong (usually am :pleading_face:)

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They are not allowing these playlists to 3rd party vendors just yet. Qobuz app exclusive for now.

There is already Qobuz connect been in the app for ages just no devices support it to my knowledge.

Yes this is how I have been getting it into Roon, doesn’t take long to sort it.

Because the artists want to make money.

I see my weekly Q but from the little 3 dot menu I only have the option of playing, adding to queue, or play next. No option to save as a playlist. I can save the individual tracks to a playlist but that would be tedious. Am I missing a menu option somewhere?

Love this feature btw.

PS - Nevermind I think I figured it out. Once it’s queued up I can save it as a playlist.

You need to play the whole playlist in the Qobuz app. Then save that play queue as a new playlist.


Thanks, Chris, I don’t use the Q app much so I was slow to figure it out. What a nice feature.

With Qobuz they make money when we buy albums. But we can also stream their music to discover.

They earn more than spotify but it’s still peanuts and not enough to survive on. My nephew is an artist and you have do streaming but he earns more from Bandcamp than he does from all the services combined by a very big margin by selling his music.


It would still be nice to sort favourite albums alphabetically though…