Qobuz + Naim app problem

Hello fellow Naimers,

I own a Mu-So 2. I stream my music through Qobuz. I have read the post from the Naim staff that it’s better to use the Naim app directly, because Chromecast can’t buffer that much data. When I open the Naim app and select my prefered playlist, there are duplicate tracks in there. Those do not appear in my Qobuz app. Which makes me to believe something is wrong on the end of the Naim app?

I’ve reset the app, I have cleared the cache, logged in and out with Qobuz in the Naim app, but the problem remains.

Do you have any solutions?

I would not worry too much about using Chromecast if it works for you, you have a Muso and not a 500 system.

As for the Naim app, how many Qobuz favorites do you have? I had this spurious duplication all the time in the Naim app with ~2,000 favorites. I didn’t look at tracks, but did have it with albums. The duplicated albums were different every time I started the app, and they were just duplicates in the Naim app display, not real duplicates on Qobuz.

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Thanks for your reply. What I have noticed in the Qobuz app is when I shuffle-play, it takes endlessly to load the tracks. When I play a single track, it works instantly on my Mu-So. I think it’s a Chromecast/buffer problem? I don’t have this issue with TIDAL Connect for example.

I have no favourites in Qobuz. I only have one playlist that I migrated from TIDAL to Qobuz through Soundiiz. I have added a few additional tracks, but some others on that playlist show as duplicates in the Naim app. Those duplicates are queued when I play through the Naim app, so that’s rather annoying. I have no issue with the playlist from TIDAL in the Naim app though.

What to do? I was thinking about creating a whole new playlist in Qobuz (one that’s native and hasn’t been transferred through Soundiiz). Perhaps that would work? I’d rather not, because it’s so labour intensive…

OK, I am not a big Naim app user, but I know that with Chromecast it is not very responsive, so this might indeed be a Chromecast issue like you have read ( I suppose it was the comprehensive post by Steve Harris)

I see, so all these playlist items are just on the playlists but not favorited in Qobuz? I didn’t know that this is possible. In any case, how may tracks are there on the playlists?

The point is that the Naim app showed me spurious duplicates for the albums, and I know that it has some issues when there is lots of Qobuz content. I don’t know if that affects only favorites or also playlist items, but my gut feeling would be that it probably affects both.

In my case, a year ago the app was unusable with 2000 Qobuz favorites, which was then improved by performance fixes in the Naim app, but it is (a) still not super snappy and (b) I saw the spurious duplicates after these fixes were made.

Unfortunately I don’t know if there is anything that you can do, I tried deleting the image cache in the app and this did not help. Eventually I solved my aggravating problems by switching to Roon.
However, I would recommend that you report the problem to support@naimaudio.com. This way, they know that the problem exists and maybe they want to investigate something. And if you are lucky they have a workaround for you.

I think there isn’t much one can do, because Qobuz works with Chromecast and from what I have read on the internet, Chromecast just isn’t that great for streaming. I don’t have Roon, because I don’t own any music, I just stream everything. If Qobuz would release Qobuz Connect, the problem would be solved. But from what I have read, they are still developing it…

That’s all true, but the Naim app duplicating items in lists is a Naim app problem, and at least this could be fixed if anyone is interested in it working.

(Even if you only stream, Roon provides a much improved interface that is actually working. But of course at an additional cost and you may not be interested in the additional features. I only mentioned it to explain why I did not investigate the many issues with the Naim and Qobuz apps any further)

Thanks for the help. I have migrated back to TIDAL. I love the SQ of Qobuz, but the app / connectivity is just not up to par. I will take TIDALs SQ for granted (and don’t get me wrong, it’s excellent!)

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