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Hi, does anyone know if Naim will be providing a native integration for Qobuz? I’m currently using Qobuz via Chromecast but not always the most stable and would prefer native integration.

My other consideration is Tidal but I’m pretty happy with the library on Qobuz and the ability to stream studio quality.

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They are potentially working on this I believe, but as a long time Qobuz user their prices are verging on the ridiculous now - a CD quality download I bought last year for £5.75 is now £18.99 !!!

Better get the cd! 18,75!!!

I wonder if we’re seeing a music label push to force us to streaming:


The CD is unavailable on Amazon, the MP3 is £15.98 !!!

You got expensive taste:)

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there are 2 at 20 GBP at Discogs.

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Don’t fall off your perch, but a similar era DVD is…

I nearly went to see him in concert the other night, but I’m getting old and didn’t fancy venturing out in the rain !

Apologies to allan, the thread is going off topic, can anyone confirm qobuz integration is on the cards?

In fact may be worth a new thread.

I bought the LP from Moorgate Acoustics for 4 quid. Mint condition too. :+1:

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For the current, second generation models, yes. For the old platform streamers, no.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Hoping the Qobuz native is soon as prefer the music sq from them.

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Many of us would welcome this integration.

It may not be for you but if you’ve never tried it give Roon a demo.

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