Qobuz new releases - delay to update in Naim app?

New releases show on the Qobuz app each Friday. Through the Naim app, the new releases aren’t shown for several days later. Is there a way I force a refresh/update through the app?

Qobuz updates on the Naim app on Friday for me.

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I also see the Qobuz updates every Friday on the Naim App (Version 5.24 via Apple Ipad)

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Very interesting. Thanks for the info.

Waited to check today’s (Friday) new Qobuz releases on Linn Kazoo too.
The latest ones are displayed.

@TimR Have you tried going back to top of Qobuz tree in case they are being cached?

Yes, I did navigate all the way back. This the issue resolved itself my simply powering the Ipad off and back on. Who knows. Thanks!

Seems like it was being cached on the iPad. Glad you are sorted.

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