Qobuz no autoplay and stuck on naim app

Hello everyone,

I’ve been streaming qobuz with the naim app on my uniti nova and nothing to complain about the sound quality.

But there are two things that make me want to go away from qobuz.

1- no “autoplay” feature when streaming from the naim app and I really don’t like using airplay or chromecast from the qobuz app just to have this continuous play mode.

2- for whatever reason - and please help me on this - when using the naim app, and select “qobuz”, I don’t get the new recommendations or new album releases and so on…that qobuz Home Screen for me is stuck on something that was new a long time ago. (I’ll post a pic so you guys can have an idea. The first picture related to naim app showing recommendations that was new last year or so, and never change, and the second pic the actual recommendations from qobuz) I’ve tried everything since deleting and downloading naim app, unsigning from qobuz, clear cache, to even hard reset on naim nova…/nothing worked!!!
How can I solve this? Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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