Qobuz on Uniti Atom HE - Queue vanishing

Hi all

Last year I bought a Uniti Atom HE….

I did so as I wanted to retire my Quad FM3 tuner (bought new in 1973 and still going strong) and needed a replacement radio source as well as providing a headphone amp and to play the occasional memory stick full of stuff. I am really pleased with the device - so much so that I went out and bought a pair of Meze Elites to complement it.

As a consequence I decided to subscribe to Qobuz as a source of HiDef audio and this is what I found:

When I am listening to a music queue on Qobuz (superb through the Elites btw) and then want to pause and switch to say listen to the news and then switch back to Qobuz, to continue from where I left off, the whole queue has vanished and I cannot continue without reloading everything!

This behaviour to me seems wrong and is very annoying to say the least as it means resetting up the music queue and getting back to the pause point - which is just about OK if its a single item but I could see it being really annoying if I had a queue consisting of a large number of individual tracks (and yes I guess I could construct and save a playlist but personally I just play things once or twice from Qobuz before moving on).

It looks to me as if the Atom is not holding all needed state data when switching between services - but it is holding the search terms and maintains the queue in standby so I assume is capable of doing so.

I would appreciate answers/views to the following questions (apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find any specific comments when I searched)

1.	Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it is designed to work - or a bug?
3.	Does this happen on other Naim streamers?
4.	Is this specific to Qobuz as opposed to Tidal et al

Many thanks

Hi, when you use Qobuz (or Tidal, or stream from a local server) this is just the way the Naim app works. The queue is not saved if you switch inputs.
There are a few ways you could do this. With Tidal or Spotify you could use their Connect function to play from their own app, pause it to go to the Naim app for iRadio etc, then the you can return to the same queue later.
Qobuz does not currently offer a Connect option, although you can cast from their app using AirPlay or Chromecast.
Roon would let you retain the play queue within its app, but at a cost.

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Many thanks for your reply confirming this behaviour and your suggestions for managing the issue.

Its a shame that the Naim app doesn’t offer the same Connect functionality as Tidal and Spotify nor was this implemented in the firmware as I do feel it is an obvious use case to maintain state when switching services.

IMHO products at this price level should delight their users and not annoy them!

Best wishes

It would be up to Qobuz to offer a Connect option as Tidal have. They have said that it is In development but with no sign of it appearing any time soon. I’m sure Naim would be prepared to implement it at their end if it ever becomes available.

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