Qobuz only for chromecast?

Hello. The possibility of connecting to qobuz has just appeared in my country (Argentina). I already have my free month. But both on my mac and on my iphone, the connection possibilities with my Nova is by chromecast. There is no such thing as a direct connection like with Spotify. And I suspect that the quality of chromecast should not be the same quality as if it were direct.
I can’t find any references on the web. The service just appeared here.
I understand that there is a direct connection between the Nova and qobuz and I have to solve a problem? Or is the connection only through chromecast?
PS: I can manage it directly from the Naim app. But since qobuz is by chromecast

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Qobuz have made vague promises that they will release a Qobuz Connect option at some point, as Spotify and Tidal have done, but that was some time ago and nothing has ever appeared. Maybe it will one day, but don’t hold your breath.

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Surely you can access Qobuz natively on the Nova - are you on the latest firmware?
see Enjoy True High-Resolution Streaming with Qobuz | Naim Audio


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