Qobuz PC App for Mu-so 2nd Gen

Has anyone used the Qobuz PC app? Seems you can stream 24/192 using the UPNP function while we all wait for the native Qobuz support app integration for the Mu-so 2nd Gen platform.

I have had great results so far, but the functionality is still in beta, so bear that in mind when using.

I did not found this UPnP feature with the App Mac OS X version.

I think it will be better when the new Mu-so 2nd Gen. firmware with native Qobuz support will be released (but a question remain : when ?).

I done some tests comparing the Qobuz versus Tidal native integration in my Uniti Nova : the Qobuz app exist but the Tidal integration is still better in terms of features and, therefore, confort in use.

For example, if you choose an album in your NAS (UPnP source), the Tidal integrated app propose directly, on the same “page”, more albums for the same artist or similar artists/albums. It is very usefull for discovering new greats things.
Using this I had discover an Australian pop group named PARCELS and their 1st album is really a great album. I would never found it without these Tidal integrated features level within the naim App.

Nevertheless, globally, even if I prefer the offer of Qobuz in terms of catalog, I must recognize that Tidal native integration is better, by far.

Please naim, give us native Qobuz integration for Mu-so & enhance the features of it ! :slight_smile:

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