Qobuz playing only one song in naim app

Hello all, I´ve been having this issue already covered in this thread Qobuz Only Playing One Song at a Time via Naim App - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

I´m opening a new thread because I tried to contact the people who got the problem solved and got no answer.

In my case I´m having this issue with a Mu-So 2 and to explain it shortly when I stream music from Qobuz through the naim app sometimes the playlist just stops playing and returns to the first song. This happens mostly with “long” songs (longer than 4 min) but it also happens with short songs. I´ve tried everything that is on my hands. Is someone aware of this issue and knows how to fix it.

Thank you.

I have a Mu-so 2 and haven’t had any issues. When you say playlist is this what you mean (i.e. a user created playlist) rather than the tracklist from an album?

Same here. I am playing the Uniti Nova. Playlist do not appear either when I select an album.

Any kind of songs in a queue, from an user generated playlist, album, or qobuz playlist.

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