Qobuz price reduction

I don’t know if this is old news, but I’ve just received a very welcome email to say that my subscription to Qobuz Studio Premier is changing to £12.99.


Yep likewise, down from €19.99 to €14.99

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When I saw the e-mail subject “new pricing” I feared the worst but my Qobuz Studio Premier is DOWN to £12.99pm too. Great news. You can now get the Studio Sublime (with download discounts) for £15.00.

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Me too, may be tempted by Sublime now!

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That is tempting. I’ve looked at Sublime before as the discounts looked very worth while and the service convenient.

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I have Sublime, which I use for downloads, and I virtually never use the streaming. It’s reduced from £250 to £180 which is welcome but whether it represents VFM I’m unsure. Maybe they have reduced the payment to artists even more in order to fund this.

Aah I now see that is still if billed annually for £179.99 - missed that - but still good.

Last year I did the numbers on this and figured I saved way more on the discount than on the subscription cost. And luckily enough, I didn’t renew a few weeks ago so now it’s even more of a no brainer. :slight_smile:

I hope not. I rather suspect that with the upcoming move to cd quality from various other streaming services they need to stay competitive.

Yes me too. Very welcome reduction :+1:t2:

Preemptive if Spotify every go public with a Hires plan.

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Just received the email too, nice surprise. If i remember correctly they paid artists more than some, but still not enough.

If you renew now even if you still have time to run on your sub you’ll get a pro-rated discount on the amount for the coming year. I just paid £47 for a year’s Subllime, but had obviously renewed quite recently…


I reckon this has been kicked off by the upcoming Spotify upgrade. Gotta like those market forces eh?

There is no way I want to mess around with a Spotify App - I like my functionality built in using Kazoo or BubbleUPnP (or in most cases the Naim App).

That’s a pleasant surprise and cheaper still if you pay up front…bargain

My Studio Premier down to £120 pa.

No email yet… hopefully in a few days then :+1:

I received the email and the pricing looks extremely good for the excellent service.

I currently have an annual service and just signed up for another year of service at the reduced rate of $10.83 for the Studio Premier service.