Qobuz problem

Suddenly Qobuz will only let me plays samples. iPad/nd5xs2.
Upon checking I see that Q has not removed their monthly fee from my bank account.
I have sent them a message and a reminder to ask what is happening.
Has any other been similarly affected?

Payment details on your account up to date? New card recently?

Nope nothing has changed.Bank details unaltered and quite sufficient in the account for my monthly needs.
If I log into my Q account it tells me which service I have but there are no tabs to amend account,leave etc.
If I try to open a new account it tells me I already have one.
Sent an email and reminder but having worked for French companies before retirement I have an understanding of ‘proper working pace’:snail: :turtle:
Plenty of other free streaming available.

Qobuz seem to have little administrative ability. Having closed my account for some reason,after 3 messages asking for help and enquiring why I cannot update my payment method. Nothing.
So I will have to go to pastures new.
Has anyone tried the Amazon hd stream. £12.99 pm With a nd5 xs2.?
I am disappointed as Qobuz gave me what I wanted. Jazz and chamber music were quite well represented.

That’s a shame, as I really think Qobuz has the edge on sound quality. I’ve had bad experiences with their support service too, but it works well for me at the moment, so I stick with them.
You will need to use AirPlay or Chromecast to get Amazon to work.

Can you not just sign up with a different email address and payment method?

There is hope yet. I have a reply from Q asking me to describe the problem I have encountered.
So by this time next week we might be successful.

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Progress! I have sent screen shots of my attempts at logging on.
Apparently I am and am not a subscriber🤐
Would it not be simpler if they just took my email address out of their data base and asked me to join again?
Screen shots at my age. I had to get my iPad for fools book out for that.

Now trying to log into Qobuz via a different browser.
No success.
‘‘ you have already signed up to this subscription plan.You can choose another one’’
I can almost hear them scratching their …in 93692 Pantin Fr.
I keep posting hoping for ideas to resolve this mess other than a new email address.


Finally got the service back.
I had to be deleted from their data base and rejoin.
A free month for my patience.
I really did miss it.

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