Qobuz purchased tar file download problems?

Hi Has anyone else had issues downloading tar files from qobuz? I recently bought Sleep by Max Richter to keep. However when I have tried several times now to download the file stopped three quarters way through saying lost connection. I have not my lost internet connection I have fast well connected wifi and have tried now on two separate macs with 16Gb ram so fast, but every time it stalls. Is this a regular problem or is there something wrong with qobuz The download via the app is ok.
Have tried to contact qobuz s far no reply.

I got this recently with some big box sets would die just before all downloaded. I ended up using the Qobuz desktop app to download them instead and it worked then moved them to where I wanted them.

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Thanks it is a large file 9.5 gb , I think. So how would you move the files from the app I am aiming to put it onto my Nas.

Just copied it over the network from the Qobuz downloads folder to my storage on my server.

Yes should have realised as a purchased item it’s in the Qobuz download file!
Cheers. Still, it’s odd about the failure to download the tar file.
Anyway, thanks again

I also love to download the tar files as it’s the easiest way to download. But with big albums like one you mention you will need to use the app of Qobuz for download. I would say till about 6GB things through TAR above that you would need the app. This is also true for big boxes, which anyhow follow the criterium of above 6GB.

Many thanks, I will. Although just trying and that’s also very slow so far. Checked my wifi speed and it’s v good , so again maybe at qobuz end? Will keep trying. Thought this would be straight forward as normally no problem with hi res streaming through Roon to Nova. Cheers

I think they have some timeout issues on their download servers for the web side. It is as Bert says about 6gb before it conks out. I found the app a little slower to download as its track for track but overall was pretty quick. But obviously depends on your internet and network.

Never worked for me unless I buy only 1 or 2 albums. Frustrating. Times out even on a 1GB connection, it just times out faster.

In another topic I explained why I will never buy from Qobuz again. I’m sure you can find it on a search.
Their sneaky term to the effect that once your download begins their contract with you is at an end means that when you subsequently encounter a problem not of your making, they are unlikely to reply.

Hi thanks for this. However after I’d messaged qobuz they’ve replied and apologised and offered me a free album. But suggested with larger tar files I downloaded one track at a time?
Anyway I’ve got there in the end by using the qobuz app Life isn’t perfect!!

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I am buying a lot from them and also don’t like the way they deal with issues and problems. For instance when you have a problem they never solve it but ask you to indicate another album you would like from them. So no fixing no money back policy………

However, however,….they are mostly by far the cheapest, especially when you have sublime. So I bite the bullet.

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Hi Nick,

I also buy quite a bit from Qobuz (I have Sublime so the discounts are large). On the two occasions I had an issue with a purchase, I had to push initially to get them to understand the problem but once communication and language barrier was overcome, both issues were resolved quickly. When I download a purchase I use the Qobuz app on my Mac and avoid TAR files altogether. All my purchases are clearly shown in Qobuz and I can download again if it is ever necessary. Qobuz works well with all my apps - Roon, Innuos Sense, Naim and Roon Arc - and the Qobuz app is fine itself on the Mac and iOS devices (via Airplay); but Qobuz via Apple CarPlay is pretty awful, not a patch on Roon Arc in CarPlay.

Cheers, Ian

I decided I had bitten one bullet too many and made to feel like a nuisance once too often.
I haven’t regretted the decision. I was never tempted by sublime and I don’t mind if sometimes I pay a bit more (though that’s not always the case) for a trouble free download.

If you download as much as I do, you would become a pickpocket of your own purse if you switch to one of the other provider. But of course respect your decision.

Yes Bert, I’m conscious of how much you download. I’ve never understood how you get enough time to listen to it all!
Do you ever sleep?

I have so much music that the realization came that I even with a structured plan never will listen to it all, that’s the brutal reality. Passed the 26.000 albums so you can calculate that even with sustained listening of 10 hours every day it would take year.
Am I crazy, most probably yes.


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