Qobuz settings question

I just checked my settings on Qobuz for streaming and imports. Both were set at 16/44,1.
I then switched to 24/192 for both. After doing this warning appeared that this will use up more storage space. I listened to some hi res streaming music and heard no difference between the original settings and the change to 24/192.
I don’t understand the purpose of these settings.
Note, I don’t purchase off Qobuz, just stream.
Need some advice from the forum.

This is what high-res is, and it is the main feature for which most Qobuz users chose Qobuz. If you have Qobuz, you pay for the hi-res content already. The size matters only when downloading the streamed files for offline use, when purchasing tracks, or if your internet connection has a data cap.

If happy with CD quality (16/44.1), Tidal Hifi has this too and is slightly cheaper (edit: apparently not anymore after Qobuz’s price reduction), may have a bit more content at least outside of classic music, and IMO a nicer app.

The difference of hi-res to CD quality is not huge in the best case, and the hi-res versions are not always clearly better than CD quality in all systems. Your ears

In addition: The settings for stream and download/import in the Qobuz app affect only the Qobuz app. After changing this, did you compare the music in the Qobuz app or did you use the Naim app to play on the NDX2? The Naim app is not affected by this setting. In the Naim app go to Settings > Input Settings > Qobuz

It’s for your phone or whatever device you use as the qobuz remote control. And therefore for your streamer if that’s where you tell the qobuz app to use as the output device. Assuming you use that rather than the naim app or roon or anything else.

I use the Naim app to control my ndx2
So if I understand the qobuz settings don’t affect the sound when streaming my ndx2.

When you use the Naim app to stream to the NDX2, it is not affected by the setting you changed in the Qobuz app. But do check the related setting in the Naim app under Settings > Inputs > Qobuz - this does affect the Naim app.

The setting that you changed in the Qobuz app only affects the Qobuz app itself on the mobile device when you use it, e.g. when you are out of the house and using the Qobuz app on the phone for headphones. (In this case, make sure not to use the hi-res setting if you are streaming via the phone’s data plan and have a data cap or pay per megabyte)

However, you can (though not recommended for SQ) use the Qobuz app at home and then use Chromecast from the Qobuz app to control the NDX2. In this case, I believe the setting in the Qobuz app would have an effect on the NDX2.

Yes thanks
So the his res settings on Qobuz app will affect playback quality when streaming from iPhone in my car.
Based on that I’ve changed back to 16/44,1


I noticed that streams from Qobuz which were at Hi Res were playing at cd quality played through my NDX2 using Naim app. I’ve checked the Qobuz input is set for Hi Res but still streams supposed Hi Res at cd quality.
Some play at 44 hz and 24 bit. Can’t understand why Hi Res not playing at higher level.
Funny thing is that at cd quality Qobuz sounds better than cd through USB or from a Zen 3 that I used to own.

Where did you check? In the Naim app > Settings > Inputs > Qobuz? Is it set to max there?
And did you check in the Qobuz app what bitrate & sampling frequency is displayed for these songs that play CD quality in the Naim app? Be aware that ecordings that are in e.g. 24 bit / 44.1 kHz and not higher show the Hi-Res icon in Qobuz

Sometimes my stupidity astounds me. Wondered why Qobuz SQ was a bit naff. Just checked the Naim app settings and input was set to MP3 which presumably is the default. Doh! Thanks for this enlightenment.

I checked the Naim app as I’m told that is the one that counts.
I’ve also checked the Qobuz app is set for Hi Res.

Good, I just wanted to make sure. And these very same tracks that are playing in CD quality in the Naim app are displayed as Hi-Res in the Qobuz app?

Are they also displayed with the Hi-Res icon in the Naim app, but then they display CD quality when they play?
Or always displayed as CD in the Naim app although as Hi-Res in the Qobuz app?

The app should default to the level you have paid for, but it’s always worth checking. When Tidal integration first arrived, it wasn’t unheard of to find that they had put you on the MP3 level while happily charging you for lossless.

Thanks Chris. With my sub I should be getting hi res. All is now hunky dory :smiley:

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