Qobuz sign-in problems

I can’t sign into Qobuz on the Naim App, the Qobuz app, Roon or the web-player.

I was signed into the Qobuz app and Roon without incident for months, but as soon as I tried to add the Naim App, Qobuz has signed out from everything and says ‘An error has occurred. Please try again later.’ Their online help is apparently closed for the next 2 days.

Luckily I’ve got Tidal too, I might just keep that and dump Qobuz.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Could my problems be due to me trying to sign in to a third device?

I suggest sign out on everything, then start to sign in via a web interface. Do the forgotten password thing and set a new password. Then once that works, sign in on your Naim app.

Thank you David, I’ve done that and I’m into webplayer now, but nothing else. I’ll leave it until the morning and try again.

I still think Qobuz are more troublesome than Tidal in terms of account maintenance.

I think you will have to sign out of each of everything else in order to sign in again on that thing with your new password.

Sorted now, after following your advice. Thank you!

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