Qobuz streamed through HQPlayer natively

For those who are using HQPlayer, you can now stream Qobuz via HQplayer natively, there are some reports which claim that the SQ is better than via Roon:


Are you talking about streaming Hires Qobuz from a PC to Dac or streamer. Or is this something else.

Correct, HQPlayer can only stream from MacOS, Windows or Linux machines or on certain HQPlayer embedded devices, now it supports Qobuz.

I normally use Roon (on Nucleus) ->HQPlayer (on MM) → DAC, but now maybe I can take Roon out and let HQPlayer send hires audio directly to my DAC.

I use a QB Mk1 as a PC speaker. At the moment I’m using the analogue PC output into the QB analogue input, and it sounds OK.

However, it appears that digital HiDef output is also possible, so I have an S/PDIF output adaptor for my PC on order. Hopefully I’ll be able to stream Hires Qobuz from my PC to my QB or NDac???

HQPlayer website can give some info, also there are thousands of posts on the Roon forum talking about it.

I have nothing to do with the HQPlayer, just a user, and I use it to replace the Chord M-Scaler, since it can do the same as the M-Scaler, some say it sounds better than the M-Scaler, some do not. However, it gets better all the time since it is the up-sampler software solution.

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Ah,Ok. Thanks.

So, if I get my pc digital output working I might give it a try.:+1:

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I currently use an Ifi Zen stream as my streamer.It is HQplayer supported,but my Dac only supports up to 32 bit/192 KHz input. Is it even worth trying HQplayer with my current Dac I wonder? Also no Qobuz here in Canada. Currently I use Roon and Tidal,which sounds very good.

I think it will make your DAC sound better, even it is limited to 192/32. The key thing is to select the right filter for your DAC.

Anyway, you can trial it to see if it is worthwhile.

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