Qobuz streaming

Just done a test between accessing my music via the NAIM app “Favourites” and the “Qobuz” link.

The SQ of the same music sounds clearly superior via the “Favourites” link.

Not a hugely controversial thing, but why, I wonder, given that the source is identical? :thinking:

Perhaps the term “favourites” is giving you a degree of expectation bias.

Define inferior

Are you 100% positive your comparing exactly the same version of the release. Qobuz like tidal often have several versions. Can’t see if it’s exactly the same how it could sound any difference except from cognitive bias.

Yes, exactly the same piece from one of my Playlists.

“Superior” in that the “Favourites” access had deeper and extended bass, more detail, greater speaker invisibility.

Plain as a pikestaff. Nothing to do with psychology.

That sounds really odd - is this on iOS?

Can you describe your process again?

What would be labelled ‘My Favourites’ in Qobuz app seems to be My Albums in the Naim app, so I assume you are playing something from there and comparing with an item from a fresh search of Qobuz and choosing the same track?

“Playlists” in “Favourites” accessed via the NAIM app and “My Playlists” in Qobuz accessed via the NAIM app and played from there.

Android mobile.

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Thanks. I only have a couple of tracks in playlists but can’t hear any difference this morning, though everything is sounding a bit flat for some reason.

Do you see this with My Albums as well?

I control qobuz from my iPhone and the sound is clearly superior when hold the phone in my right hand and hit the buttons with my left. Even though I am right handed.

weird. no idea why, but it’s definitely there

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Nurse! Nurse!

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