Qobuz stuttering

I’ve recently had a few issues with Qobuz tracks not playing properly, resulting in little jumps or stutters during playback. Router is in another room with my server and playing tracks from the server is faultless, so I think it’s an internet rather than a network issue, as I only get problems when streaming. It’s only been problematic for a few days and worked faultlessly since it was all set up a few months ago.
I ran a quick speed test and I’m getting consistently 60mbps which should be ok? I was hoping someone might know more about how I might troubleshoot this? One other thing, not connected to music streaming at all, is that when I am browsing the internet some websites that previously loaded quickly are now loading slowly, it all seems quite strange as I can still stream Wirelessly to my iPad without problems. Any thoughts on what to try to diagnose and fix things would be gratefully received.

Qobuz is pretty delayed the last few days for me. Sometimes it plays ok other times not. Maybe some issues their end.

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No issues here in the states. I’m all wired in to my network which is more reliable imo.

It suggests to me that your ISP has some network issues somewhere in their network, but not associated with your own internet connection. I doubt that there is anything that you can do yourself except report to them which sites are loading slowly.

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Thanks all for the replies!
I suppose some consolation that the fault is likely not at my end. I’ve just renewed my subscription for Qobuz for another year, so if the problems with them, I hope they fix it soon.

Just been listening to the excellent nw Makela/Oslo Phil set of Sibelius symphonies on Qobuz and it’s been rock solid with no stuttering at all. Oh dear, hope I haven’t jinxed it now.


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On the Roon forum there were reports that Qobuz had an outage a day ago

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Qobuz had a major global outage the other day as @Suedkiez mentioned so it’s likely residual affects of this. Can’t say I have had any issues via Roon though other than the initial outage which seemed to get sorted pretty quick.

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Thanks for the replies. Actually today everything seems to be a better, so maybe it’s problem over? For now. Since I started with Qobuz, I’ve been downloading a lot less music and streaming more but now I’m thinking it’s probably a good idea to have a downloaded version.

I’m using Roon and Qobuz and noticed it all is acting much slower last days.

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Qobuz is working fine in FR with streaming even 192/24. No drops, no slow access that I have notices yesterday. It should have been fixed quite fast!

by the way a speed test only test your connection to the provider, it is no proof that you will not get into trouble with streaming. in theory with 10mbs you should be ok, so 60mbs is enough. What is more important is latency, if it is high from your location down to Qobuz, you might experience dropouts. In theory your streamer is buffering the tracks to avoid such an issue, but this is only theory. In practice, you never know :slight_smile:

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Thanks @musiq
Yes, all seems fine again today. Is there a range that you would call good latency? I think latency via WiFi was measured at around 12ms. Not sure what that would be in my wired network, but presumably less?

I think that 100-150ms is an acceptable latency to buffer a track. it should be fast enough to load it in the background while playing. In general your latency to the provider shall be less than 20ms. so your 12ms is ok. The rest is the time is the time to round trip from your provider to your destination (i.e. Qobuz).

Latency for streaming does not require a real time exchange to have a good result. so to speak you should be ok with your 12ms except if the route from your provider to the Qobuz data is experiencing real problems. It has happened in the past… it should self heal when providers route optimisation recompute.

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I don’t know how you are measuring latency, but what matters is the round trip delay from the Qobuz server to your streamer, with the data being bounced around the globe before it gets to your home network. Of course one would hope that the 50MB buffer used in your streamer would be enough to absorb any delay. It will hold a good 3 minutes of music at 16/44.1, but quite a bit less at 24/192.

Thanks @ChrisSU. I used an app called Pingify to measure latency. I’m not at all technically minded but thought some kind of measurement might help troubleshoot. Of course, that was a wireless measurement and my network is totally wired, but I thought if wireless measurements were somehow out of whack, I’d have something to investigate further. Anyway, mysteriously everything’s better now.

I guess these issues are often inconsistent and therefore hard to track down. I don’t know if it’s technically possible to identify the server Qobuz are using and ping it. Even if you could I believe streaming services often use multiple servers dotted around the globe so issues may come and go at any time.
Fingers crossed that your issue has gone for good……


Qobuz is pretty bad for me atm. Massive delays and having to hit play multiple times. Really buggy feel to it. Was never like this before. Hardly use it at the moment.

I use Qobuz through Roon with no issues. I have noticed that some (favourited) albums have been updated and you need to select the new one to play.

I have been using Qobuz since it was introduced into the US a few years ago and never have experienced any problems. …possibly just jynxed myself but so far, so good and enjoy their services and available catalogue.

Same here