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I was looking at trying the Qobuz sub, and am a little puzzled that they are quoting £10.83 per month, or £129.99 per year. Which is 0.03p more expensive. Not much, I know, but - er - seems a bit weird…
Is that a mistake?

I think that is the £129.99 split into 12. If you pay monthly it’s £12.99

Small print……the lower cost is for the upfront package of £129,99……or pay-monthly at £12.99……

Oh, I see. I think. Strange way of putting it.

It’s a French company.


Monthly payment is 12.99 or 155.88 for a year. Pre-pay 129.99 and it works out to 10.83 per month. They get a year commitment you save 25.89.

I do the yearly subscription myself since I enjoy the quality and their catalogue meets my needs.


Like cough Naim

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I am in a free trial of Qobuz at the moment. But I am thinking I will move to Sublime at the end of the month as I still want to buy some downloads, including the new mastering of Solti’s Gotterdammerung in May 23.


I did notice that in UK they only accept Mastercard/Visa credit card or Paypal for payment. Tough to pay if you do not use any of these. Appreciate it covers a lot of folks but not everyone uses them. Is it the same in other countries?


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And debit cards. I think most people who are contemplating paying for a Qobuz subscription are going to have one of those payment methods.

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Thanks for the reply. Must confess I did not see the debit card option, my impression was that the Mastercard/Visa card section was for credit card only. I’ll go and recheck.
Edit: Yes it worked. My thanks to @davidhendon

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