Qobuz technical question QB1

Technical question, if it can be done …

  1. I select Tidal on ND5xs2 and then with the 4 dots I shoot it in another room where there is the Muzzle qb1.
  2. now select Qobuz on ND5xs2, … This can be heard on the muzzle qb1 where the Qobuz icon does not appear? :thinking:

Just be pleased you can send Qobuz to the Qb. The Qb1 doesn’t have a Qobuz icon.


I know he doesn’t. This is the only method for Qobuz and qu-bo 1 so …

It’s because multiroom is just passing digital information between products, so the Qb doesn’t know its Qobuz. It is just playing a digital stream that the ND5 XS2 is getting from Qobuz. It’s all working as you would expect.

Ok. But is there a way to log out of Qobuz inside the Naim app? I can’t disconnect from Qobuz …

In input settings under qobuz there is a logout.

But why do you want to logout? All you need to do is just change input on the ND5 XS2. Similarly you change the Qb from multiroom to another input. It’s all obvious.

I have an expired subscription and I wanted to make another free one for 30 days with another email :roll_eyes:. Unfortunately now with an expired subscription I only listen to 16 bit and above all also that I purchased regular 24 bit is listened to 16 bit and in the bottle. I purchased in wav!

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