Qobuz the best!

Unthanks gloomy? Rachel and Becky will not approve!

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Unfortunately, the Hyperion catalogue isn’t available from any streaming provider at all. They simply don’t think there is an economic case for their participation.


Or more likely the distributor just doesn’t make the media material available for streaming for commercial reasons.

No, the Chief Executive of Hyperion Simon Perry has stated his view on several occasions.

“Take the example of Hyperion Records, who have decided not to make themselves available on any on-demand streaming platforms. In 2013 a well-reviewed Baroque vocal album cost them £36k to make. During 2013, this album earned £10,847 through 2,104 CD sales and £2,152 through 444 download sales. However, 34,947 streaming events on iTunes Radio earned just £22.13. Not good, even within the context of iTunes Radio paying out less than a subscription service.“

I think you meant ‘yes’ if replying to me - as you appear to agree with me - though you have thrown in a quote as well - thanks.

Though not familiar with iTunes Radio - but familiar with Apple Music and we know different service providers have different commercial rates with the distributors.

I have an old friend who has some of his catalogue through the independent label, Ba Da Bing Records, and he is on many of the Cloud Service stream providers such as Tidal, Qobuz, Apple etc - and it works for him, but yes i can see streaming for very niche media might not be viable.

For now I have both tidal and quobuz, since I jumped into streaming (ndx2) without knowing anything about it. I guess I was hoping either one would do more of what Spotify and roon(?) do, and point me towards more music from what I already listen to. Basically, I use it like a giant jukebox. I usually try to find something on quobuz first and then see if their is more on tidal

You could try allmusic.com for suggestions for similar artists.

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