I can’t see any way of doing that but how much sense would such an option make? If you search for an artist or album the hi res ones are quite clearly marked.

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Yes on more esoteric music like some electronic and avant grade as well as UK Indie content I did find Tidal sometimes quite limited compared to Qobuz - but it has improved - especially with some of its classical content recordings.

The area I found Tidal was ahead was US Urban R&B and Rap - especially EPs - but for more historic Hip Hop, Electro and Street Rhyme from the early 70s (predecessor of Rap) I found Qobuz slightly better.

But move to mainstream and they are effectively identical in my experience.

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Yes indeed, and I do find it quite annoying that these genres dominate the way that new releases are publicised within Tidal, particularly in respect of MQA offerings. However, the artists whose catalogue that I found a little lacking on Qobuz (compared to Tidal) were certainly not from either of those genres. As someone of a ‘certain age’, I don’t think I am ever going to learn to like ‘Urban R&B’ or ‘Rap’, and I am pretty sure that I don’t have a single album from either of these genres in my Roon music library (locally stored on my NAS or sourced from Tidal).

Qobuz now has a distinct advantage in being significantly cheaper than Tidal, and so one has 3 parameters with which to select one or other of the services: Cost, catalogue completeness (for your specific musical preferences and favourite artists) and subjective sound quality preferences on whatever system you may use.

For me, Tidal still has it (largely due to specific catalogue gaps on Qobuz), but it’s getting to be closer and closer.

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I use my laptop to search and place artists and albums in my favorites. When using the Naim App on my iPad I then select the ALBUMS to quickly find an album I recently put in but more often I select ARTISTS which are listed in alpha order then select the artist to view all available albums. I have no problem using the combo of the two apps to set up the music I want to listen to most often. On occasion I will use the search function within the Naim App on the iPad but prefer the keyboard on my Mac air.

I used the same process when I used Tidal.

Edit: Question from above: “Is there any way you can search albums that are HiRes?”

When viewing albums in the column view in the Naim App, the albums have a HiRes box visible so you can see which are HiRes.

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This gave me a taste for The Queen Is Dead 2017 re-master that I hadn’t heard before. Sounds tremendous in hi res

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Johnny Marr was directly involved with the remastering of their back catalogue which is why they sound great - the man is a total pro.
Their first eponymous album always sounded poor but whatever JM and others have done (Or undone) to the original recordings they have been greatly enhanced.

The Queen Is Dead was always my favourite Smiths album. It is infused with humour, beautiful music and lyrics. Great choice!

When I designate a favorite album on Qobuz with the Naim app there placed in chronological order not alphabetically by artist.
Is there a way to organize my favorites on Qobuz by artist?
Also how do you designate favorite artists?
Thanks @seakayaker

The way I have found to do something similar is to create an Artist playlist… and then select album tracks from within the playlist… not ideal.
You can also expand favourites on the Qobuz app, and it expands into albums, tracks and artists, and group your favourite artists there

This is an area I do find Roon helps, it gives me more flexibility in curating my library.

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Something I noticed with both Tidal and Qobuz via the Naim app is that you cant delete a track from a playlist permanently. It will allow you delete but it’ll reappear the next time you access the playlist. The only way it seems is to open the actual Tidal or Qobuz app and delete there. Anyone else notice this?

Just tried it here using the Naim App to delete favourite artist and favourite album on Qobuz and it deleted both.
I exited the Naim app, reloaded and the favourites were still gone.
Sorry not seeing your behaviour.

Try deleting a single track within a playlist

Ok, yes I see, there is a distinction between Qobuz and Naim playlists… and appear not to be able to remove an item out of a Qobuz playlist from the Naim app.

It was the same when I used Tidal

Ok, I have flagged on the Beta forum


jsaudio, sorry about the delay in replying to your questions.

Unfortunately there are not many options. I usually throw an album into favorites if it is a new artist that I do not have in my artist list so it will appear at the top of the list in the Naim app. When I play it and if I like it I add the Artist to my favorite list.

The artists are listed in alpha order by last name. When selecting albums then ‘more’ you have option of two views: one a listing of albums in a random order where you have to scroll down to see them all if more than one page; the second view is albums covers across the screen (5 or 6 depending on horizontal or vertical view on my iPad) which is the one I use.

To designate a favorite artist, when using the search function and you see the list of names under the ‘Artists’ heading you can perform a mouse click on the eclipse ‘…’ and a menu appears and you then select ‘Add to Favorites’

It is not perfect and few things in life are (my view only) but I find I can navigate the Naim/Qobuz functionality.

Hope that was of some help.

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Yes thanks.selecting artist favorites which are in alpha order by last name if a person you then have all available albums and that seems in some sort of chrono order by release date

I was in the same boat not long back and received some really good advice.
I recently moved from tidal and mqa dac to qobuz with naim nd5 2.
Leaving tidal felt like I was leaving my partner after 5 years of streaming marriage, sometimes you have to take the plunge good or bad. Now I’m happily married with qobuz.
MQA and tidal via naim (exc. roon) is like choosing a lower spec Aston Martin to say, and thinking I’ll still have the Aston Martin experience. Qobuz hi res and naim is choosing the top spec and knowing your IN a Aston Martin based on that extra performance. My opinion. Good luck with whatever you decide.


I’ve had a week of it, and thoroughly agree. Tidal always used to leave me thinking yh that’s not bad but… , and Qobuz is at least as good as the NAS. This evening has been entirely Qobuz. It’s a step up.


So I have come across a few hi res albums on Qobuz that have repeated glitches
Oscar Peterson plays the Cole Porter Songbook (Hi Res version) for example.
Not experienced this on Tidal and surprised to find this on Qobuz - it renders albums unlistenable.
How common is this sort of thing on Qobuz?
Anyone else finding this

Hi, I am curious about the glitches that you are finding with Quboz within the Naim App. I bought an ND5XS2 last weekend, and am plagued with odd happenings on the App. Of course, being new, I am worried that I have missed a critical setting somewhere, or am doing things wrongly. The worst behaviour is to start a Quboz album and have it fail to sequence to the next track. It stops between tracks and I have to go back onto the iPad and select the next track. Sometimes it plays on, sometimes it stops, but I have no idea why. I raised this with the dealer and Naim Support, but an ominous silence on both counts…