Qobuz tracks only playing for 30secs

For some reason today when I select an album in Qobuz, each track I play only runs for 30seconds then moves to the next track even on albums I have saved as favourites. Anybody know why this is and what to do to correct? (Tidal runs OK btw)

Possibly a login issue as Qobuz may only play 30 second clips if it thinks you don’t have a valid subscription. The first thing I would try is to sign out of Qobuz, then sign back in again.

Had the same thing with Spotify a couple of years ago (now a Qobuz user) and did exactly that. Log out, Login in… all sorted.
I think it follows the same philosophy as Windows problems. (Have you turned it ‘Off’ & ‘On’ again)…:joy:

Some albums are only available with sample tracks.
I can set my streaming app to highlight such albums by displaying an asterisk.
As last two albums in screen shot below.

I often get this. Albums that i have favourited as full albums, then turn into 30s versions.
As a subscriber i dont want to see 30s albums.
I do find how Qobuz/naim present the music far from ideal. I want albums presented as albums. I dont want singles and EPs.:rage:

I reside in the Seattle/US and no problems with Qobuz. You posted hours ago, has your issue been resolved?

Qobuz make the 30 second sample albums available because it gives potential buyers the opportunity to listen before buying. It’s a common thing.

The streamer I use has the facility for the the user to decide if the sampler albums are visible or not.

If your streamer doesn’t have this option, it’s not the fault of Qobuz.

Yes my subscription has finished. Thanks for your help

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