Qobuz TV App

Odd entry for a hires service, nothing whatsoever to do with SQ, same as the Deezer, Spotify and Tidal apps, though I do use the Tidal for 1080p videos.

What next will Naim release a TV app :thinking:
I’m using a Samsung TV.

I guess it is Qobuz trying to appeal to non audiophile users. For most people (perhaps not forum members) the biggest speakers in the house are attached to the TV. playing Qobuz via digital out (optical or HDMI ARC) from the TV to a sound bar or AV amp would work well for many people.

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You can have a Roon display on your TV, too…

Yes i think maybe a Karoke option also, to follow along with lyrics :crazy_face:

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Good point I was hoping Tidal would support Dolby Atmos but it did not.

Its interesting as i am considering using my TV more as a Home hub, for example.

  1. Alexa or Samsung Smarthings control
  2. Ring and Arlo security alerts
  3. Calender sync
  4. Twitter feeds
  5. Wall art in ambeint mode
  6. Dual screen mode, watch a movie whilst in any boring meetings
  7. Music i can tap the tv to move from my earbuds to tv (seamless transfer)
  8. Youtube & Tidal music videos.
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Now if Naim made a TV :sunglasses:

As TVs are doing resampling to 48 kHz using them for even Spotify is not great musically

Try a dedicated hi fi streamer rather than tv optical output

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