Qobuz - “Upgrade regarding your subscription”

Had an email from Qobuz today with the subject as above. Apparently the “upgrade” is a 2.5% “processing fee” which, it says, I may avoid by changing my method of payment. No advice seems to exist on their website to explain which methods of payment attract the 2.5% upgrade.

It took me a while to work out that I have been paying by PayPal. So I have changed that to a credit card. But I am irritated and quite close to cancelling Qobuz altogether. All that is stopping me is that Qobuz on my Nova works very well via the Naim app.


Same here.

I have just got that message but I haven’t actioned it as I was suspicious it may be a scam. I think I am in the same boat as you so will change the payment method tonight by directly logging on to my account. Thanks for the research David.

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Yes…same confusing email……but I have paid the Sublime yearly subscription…….due in November. Cannot remember how i paid, though on recent downloads, paypal was more expensive so i deferred to my credit card.

I’m in the states and have not received any such correspondence but I’ve been paying by CC since day 1. Not sure why paying by CC would prompt to cancel. Their sublime sub will keep me around for a while. And Qobuz SQ is better than Tidal to my ears.

I’ve sent a message to Qobuz for clarification. (1) The email says the charge is from July, but I pay annually, so it’s not clear (to me) if they are going to charge me in July, even though I’ve already paid this year, or if the charge is only applicable to me on my next renewal (March 2024). (2) Although it says I can change to an alternative method of payment, nothing on their web site (that I can find) gives an indication of any charges for my only alternative (which in the UK is Mastercard I think).

It’s not that. I don’t care how I pay, but the badly thought out email which leaves you guessing what they actually want you to do just annoys me. If the new Presto streaming service was also available natively in the Naim app, I would swap to that like a shot.

I dunno, seems pretty minor to me in a world of poor customer support. They didn’t think it through and I agree their customer support has lots of room for improvement.

On advice from here I switched from annual sub to one of their gift options and gifted myself a sub. Kept my faves etc. Not had the email you describe.

They have been charging the 2.5% surcharge for paypal payments for purchased downloads for several months now. So i changed from paypal to debit card for payments, just means i have to remember the 3 digit code now, as the rest of my card details are cached in the browser.

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I tried to change mine to debit card and problem with web site… typical

Edit- all good, now via visa debit

Oops, changed from credit card to PayPal earlier, guess I need to change it to Debit Card then!
(@mikehughescq i also pay yearly for Sublime but I did get the e mail, maybe if you already pay by debit card you don’t get the communication perhaps?)

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I think we can assume that they have only sent the email to people they want to change their payment method. So no email and you are good to go!

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I’m not sure what they are doing is legal?

I hope posting this link doesn’t break forum rules


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The original statutory instrument says this:

Therefore it looks ok to me, so long as the charge by PayPal to Qobuz is at least 2.5%.

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Hmmm. So I change my payment plan to Credit Card (have tried with Debit) etc, click on the big black Update Payment Method. And nothing appears to have changed…the account still says Paypal.

Am I being ultra-daft?

Mine did the same so I tried again with the same result.

There’s a note that they may do a test transaction (ring fencing basically) for £1. I’ve checked my Barclaycard app and I now have 2 of these!

Several hours later it’s still showing Paypal so I have logged in to Paypal and made the payment inactive to stop QoBuz using it.

when i did mine i was directed to a pop up from my bank (nationwide) to approve that i was paying quboz £0, but ive not gone back in & checked.

Similarly I was asked by Barclaycard to prove it was me by typing in a OTP sent to my phone.

Just worked out the issue.

There’s a faint consent checkbox which I hadn’t checked but despite this when I clicked on the update payment method button it put a message up thanking me for my consent and made the test transaction to Barclaycard without actually the QoBuz account.

Bad design but ultimately user error!.