Qobuz uses low quality stream

I don’t have a subscription at the moment, I just buy from time to time albums in full.
When I start any of them, I see that the quality is shown as 44khz 16bit. I’ve checked the settings, the quality for Qobuz is set to 192/24.
I’ve checked the purchases to make sure I bought hi-res version.
So, what exactly I’m having and how to listen to the hi-res that I paid for?

I checked another player, it shows the same - cd quality for Qobuz.
Another thing, in my country there is no Qobuz available at the moment, I was vpn to register.

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The big give away is the file sizes. 20-30ish MB for a 16/44 track in FLAC format.

When you did the download, did it offer different formats? In which case, check file size of the files you’ve already downloaded as suggested above. Then make sure to select the hires ones and download again.
I’d expect at least 100mb per track depending on song length.
Eg Sara from tusk by Fleetwood Mac 24/192 230mb 6:30 duration song.

The issue has been resolved. With no subscription Qobuz responds with 44/16 even for tracks that are bought in full. The only way to get the hi-res version is to download a file.
So, the streaming of hi-res always requires the subscription.

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That’s not actually how it normally works.

I have several times bought high res from Qobuz without a subscription. And they were proper high res.

I suspect this is just a temporary error, like their current ridiculous downloader situation.

Or maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying. Obviously you can only stream if you have a streaming subscription.

This is what he said, and it is clear.
Initially, I did not understand the original msg.

Are you buying and downloading the files and replaying them from a server? Or are you buying albumns and then streaming them over the internet without a subscription?

I believe he was buying them (as downloads) and expecting then to be able to stream them, which of course is not how it works!

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If you purchase an album on QoBuz it’s possible to stream the download in the QoBuz apps etc. even if you don’t have a streaming subscription. The streaming catalogue will be limited to purchases only, when you don’t have a subscription.

What the OP has discovered though is that even if the original purchase was a hi-res item streaming reverts to 16/44.1. without a subscription.

This is covered in the help articles on the QoBuz website which is no doubt why @Pauel posted his findings in post #3.


Good explanation! That was the essence of what I said earlier, but maybe I was too cryptic.


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