Qobuz: very odd problem when subscribing

Dear Naim forum users,

I came across a very odd issue with Qobuz and I’m literally stuck.

I wanted to subscribe a plan for one month but I happen to have the following issues:

  • Once I click the button to subscribe, it redirects me to its US page and it says there’s no plan like that in my country (I’m in Italy and that plan has always existed, I already subscribed it).
  • I can’t contact the customer service because I can’t find any contact form and it seems that nobody is online to reply in the live chat.

I changed computer, I changed connection, I changed browser but everything is always the same. Am I the only experiencing this problem? Any advice? If only there was an email to contact the customer service, things would be solved easily.

Thank you very much in advance for any advice.

I am not sure about Italy, but you will probably not be able to sign up if you are using a VPN.

In the past I could sign up with and without a VPN. However I thought already about what you pointed out, but I can’t subscribe even without a VPN…

Maybe Qobuz no longer does a one month plan anywhere?

A while ago I was trying to access Qobuz to buy a download. I do have a sublime account but no set link to Qobuz - I just Google ‘Qobuz’.

Even though I am in the UK it was taking me to Qobuz US or Qobuz Europe .

It was an ongoing problem trying to get the right site.

Try this link

No, it does exist @davidhendon

@jmtennapel I already tried that too

@AndyP it seems I’m not the only one then. However I need the Italian link, the ones I found still have that issue. The worse part is not being able to contact the customer service, it’s so odd!

Im not a subscriber but came across this:


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Thank you @Elfer, this might solve the problem if they reply to my email. Fingers crossed!

Quick update: luckily that email address is still used and they promptly helped.


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