Qobuz via bubble UPnp ro superuniti

Hi All,
I’ve just had my Superuniti serviced and am ready to hook it up to hopefully stream from Qobuz.
I have a new synology Nas DS 720+ with 2x4tb. Bubble is installed and when i check sources from the Qobuz mac client I can see the superuniti. When i hit play the play icon starts donutting ie spinning round and no sound., I tried selecting a must and a qb but the same - any ideas would be great. I’ve attached some screenshots.

Thanks all


Tony…if I understand correctly you are using the Beta DLNA/UPNP function within Qobuz to try and stream directly to your Superuniti?

I’ve not had much success with that method and get very intermittent results. Given you have BubbleUPnP server installed you could use another control app such as Linn Kazoo or Lumin to stream Qobuz to your Superuniti

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You need to use either Lumin or Linn Kazoo app to control the stream. Qobuz from the Mac won’t work.

Explanation: https://www.hifizine.com/2019/07/stream-qobuz-to-anything/

I believe that DLNA/UPNP function has been in Beta for a number of years, so it’s probably no longer under development. Shame as I like the Qobuz interface on my Mac but Linn Kazoo does a good job