Qobuz via Chromecast iOS App issue

My Qobuz iOS app no longer gives the option to stream to my NDX2 via Chromecast (only local device and Airplay devices). Tidal still can stream via Chromecast and my NDX2 is a working device in the Goggle Home app.

Any ideas? I know Qobuz will be native to the Naim app shortly, but I am perplexed why the NDX2 is no longer available in the Qobuz app via Chromecast.


If anyone is experiencing the same issue, I received a very prompt response from Qobuz customer support:

“We are aware of this issue affecting some iOS users. There is a fix at Apple waiting to be approved. Please update your Qobuz when the App Store alerts you to the update.”

I am experiencing the same issue. Since the latest Qobuz iOS app update my Uniti Atom no longer appears in the Chromecast device list. I’ve created a support ticket with Qobuz as well.

Qobuz released an update earlier today that resolved this issue for me.

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