Qobuz via IPad or direct via naim nova

I have a naim nova all in one and I stream qobuz.
The nova is wired connected to the router. I select the music on my iPad.
I don’t understand how this works. Does the naim connect to qobuz or does the iPad download the music and send this to the naim?
I want to make sure I get the highest quality
Does someone has the answer/

The Nova streams the music from Qobuz. Your iPad is only used for control and is not part of the reproduction chain.


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Thanks for your reply!


Your question is incomplete. If you are streaming via the Qobuz app then you are restricted to Low Res only (connection to Nova via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi). In order to listen to Qobuz Hi-Res you have to be accessing your Qobuz account via the Naim App, as there is no Qobuz equivalent of Tidal Connect (sadly).

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