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I stream via ND5 XS2 and Qobuz. But I can’t sort my favourite Qobuz albums alphabetically using the Naim app. A Qobuz rep says it is possible to do this on the dedicated Qobuz app, but not on all ‘partner apps’
Any way round this?
Peter Ruane

There isn’t one unfortunately at this time.

I assume you know that you can sort your favorite albums alphabetically either by title or artist using the Favorites tab in the Naim app.

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This is a much better way to browse your albums, can filter by source and sort albums by title, date added or artist.

The Qobuz interface is controlled by Qobuz (and for me, is rather illogical).


Thank you Mark, and thanks to JS Audio. Suffering Covid at the moment, but I’ll implement your suggestions as soon as I can.
Peter Ruane

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There shouldn’t be anything to do or integrate. Just select the favorites tab on the Home Screen. If you have any Qobuz,Tidal or upnp favorites, they will already be there.


Thanks to hi-fi colleagues for advice on sorting Qobuz favourites alphabetically. The solution was fairly simple and proves my lack of initiative rather than the profundity of the problem.
Peter Ruane

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Yes the ability to sort albums by artist is a very werlcome addition to the app. It’s just a shame that it reverts to date added order on start up. Also I have just discovered that the albums tag is limited to 201 titles! I only found out when I wondered where all my older stored albums had disappeared to. My Qobuz app says I have 261 favourite albums but the Naim app only shows 201. As you add an album the oldest is removed. This is very annoying - am I doing something wrong or is there a way around this. I realise I can play albums via the Qobuz app but not in hi-res and I can find albums by saving favourite artists but this is really a pain Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Yes just realized that I have exactly 200 albums in Qobuz favorites in the favorites tab in the Naim app. It deletes my oldest Qobuz favorite as I add a new album favorite! Hope this can be changed in the Naim app? @Richard.Dane

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Same with Qobuz artist favorites.

One for @Will

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Regarding showing a maximum of 200 favourites - this is caused by a change made by Qobuz to the way Focal & Naim app interacts with their server. We have a fix for this issue that we will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Please note that the ‘older’ favourites are not deleted, and will be shown again once the 200 item limit is removed in the new app release.



That’s Great thanks! This is very good news. Thanks to @Richard.Dane as well.


You can also create your own playlists in the Naim app from Qobuz as source, and then list those alphabetically by name or date added iirc.

The new Focal Naim app update 6.0.3 update for IOS has fixed the number of favorites that had been limited to 200 in Qobuz. FYI @Richard.Dane

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