Qobuz via Roon

Signed up for a trial…and what a pain…Roon simply will not accept the Qobuz passwords…even though I can sign direct into Qobuz…

Strange. Never had any issues since adding my Qobuz account to Roon. Try restarting Roon Server.

I’ve never had this issue either.

I’ve also never experienced this problem. I’d have a look on the Roon forum they are very responsive and someone may found a solution. A quick look just now suggested it could happen if you use a VPN?

Can you access Qobuz via the Naim app - does that accept your login credentials ?

Thanks for the reply…yeah it should work just dandy…but now l am faced with a phorensic network/windows search for the reason…I am suspecting maybe the dns server I am using is on some sort of blacklist…

Hi tried Naim app that failed too!!! Invalid username and password…yet I can login to Qobuz…doh this weird

Perhaps check you are not using any obscure characters in the username or password… or at least standard ASCII.

Didn’t have this problem either. There is at least one thread on the Roon forum, title is “Qobuz Username and password Issue”, where someone says “I have a valid Qubuz account. I can access it via web browser. However, when I try to add it to Roon I get a bad user name or password error.”, but the post is from Feb 1 without answers, resolution, or even info if it is still happening.

Edit 1: Another thread, “Password Qobuz problem”, was probably traced to a VPN issue
Edit 2: Search for Qobuz and password on Roon forum and there a several other threads found

This will be a Qobuz authenticatuon issue. There servers do tend to have more issues than Tidals overall I find. Check for bad characters in password, some systems just don’t like them. Try changing the password to something else and see if it helps.

Hope you get it sorted. On a slightly different note, did you finish your ‘Kans’ ?

Aghh the Kans… I misscalculated the tweeter rebates…so I was really pissed…I left them for a while …as I was pretty angry with my self. I have recently removed the front veneer on both and have re veneered them…phew…I am about to have a second go. The router piece I used last time should have given a flush trim…it did not…so I have now made a jig. I was annoyed as the router bit was sold as a flush edge trim it was not the blade was proud giving 1.5mm error which with a circle gives 3mm error! I assumed it was flush… I hope to have the 1st test in the next couple of weeks…

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That’s a bummer. Good luck with the next stage🤞

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I will post some pictures soon…

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I am also going to test my Kan against the hi tech S12 vivid speaker…which I will have on demo in around 4 weeks or so…
I also hope to visit New Briks…and listen to their souped up Kan…as a test…I might be able to take mine along to compare…aka a shoot out.
The Brik Kans also have external x overs…

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That should be very interesting - is that Simon Hamnett ? Look forward to reading about your demo.:+1:

Yeah that’s right I live fairly close to Preston where he is located…about 25 mins away…so I am trying to pay a visit… Simon is a massive fan of the Kan … he recons there is not much to touch them…when tweaked and setup well.

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