Qobuz with ND555

I was just invited to be a beta tester for Qobuz HiDef streaming here in the States. How can I stream on my system,ND555,without a lot of technical manipulations?

The short answer is - use Chromecast.

Thanks for your reply ChrisSU but how do I do that exactly. Sorry for being so dense regarding this.

The Nd555 has Chromecast inbuilt so you can use ChromeCast enabled applications to send music to it. Qobuz is ChromeCast enabled if on Android at least cant vouch for Ios and via the Desktop application. The other option is to use a UPnP controller software such as Kazoo. Lumin or Mconnect to send via UPnP to the ND555 this will give you the ability to stream at the highest res as ChromeCast only supports upt o 96/24 but not with gapless but then ChormeCast doesn’t either.

Audirvana+ could also be installed. Qobuz account sign-in is built in to A+. Select UPnP ND 555 as device in Audio preferences. Done.

I understood chromecast worked by a direct connection to the music service in this case Qobuz so is it not just managed through the Naim app. You’re not actually casting from a device rather form the Qobuz server.

That’s my understanding which may we’ll be erroneous.


Your correct The Qobuz app sends the info to ChromeCast built in to the ND555. Your better avoiding it though as Qobuz and ChromeCast on Naim kit do not play ball very well.

Do not play ball very well is the understatement of the year in my experience. My advice would be not even to think about Chromecast. My preferred option is bubbleupnp via Lumin app but I am tempted to give Audirvana+ a go. Qobuz having Roon compatibility may change the game however.

fully agree…chromecast is - at least for me- very instable…I went down the bubbleupnp way as well. to get there you’ll need:

  1. NAS with upnp (f.ex. minimserv, twonky etc)
  2. install bubbleupnp on that NAS or PC or sonicorbiter…
  3. log in with qobuz account there and point to the target (> Naim streamer)
  4. use Lumin or Kazoo app- here, you’ll see Naim streamer and qobuz:

btw: the new forum looks cool;-)

I am being told an app update should be out in the next few weeks to resolve a lot of the Naim Chromecast issues. For now I am just using Airplay and it’s much more stable until they update the app. Keep in mind it’s still in closed beta so issues will be expected.

Audirvana works well

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