Qobuz year subscription or hold out for Spotify hifi

Currently on Qobuz monthly and was considering an annual payment to bring the monthly cost down. Also got a family Spotify account. Pondering on whether to cough up for the annual payment or hold out for Spotify hifi and cancel the Qobuz account, as I can still purchase even without a streaming subscription . Spotify probably not hi res just CD quality but that’s fine.
How many of you will skip Qobuz or Tidal when Spotify hifi arrives on the scene?

I will not switch as I buy a lot of music and benefit of the discount connected to the streaming subscription. Also a nice side benefit is being able to listen and preselect music for buying. I however found the collection from Tidal fitting more to my needs.


I guess if you buy lots then you’ll recoup the difference fairly quickly.

Yes - I would not be amazed if I am their best customer from the Naim forum…but even if I wouldn’t be you have a pretty quick pay back and therefore free streaming subscription…

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The real bargains on Qobuz are often open to anybody, so you may or may not benefit from a continued sub, depending on what downloads you buy.

For me, what tips the balance in favour of Qobuz is the 24 bit streaming service. If Spotify only use 16/44.1 I probably won’t jump, much as I like their app. Also, my guess is that they won’t integrate into Roon, which some will want to use.

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Will be sticking to Tidal and Qobuz. Like the hi res and doubt Spotify will be integrating with Roon.

These two have served me extremely well in combination with Roon so see no reason to switch.

Also, Spotify’s closed in integration ecosystem does not appeal to me.


John Darko did a video on the Spotify announcement (someone on this forum linked to it) and he made an interesting observation. 90% of the Qobuz catalogue is standard CD 16/44 quality. Only 10% of the catalogue is HiRes.
Just saying



Just checked in roon - 15% of my albums are hi res (mqa).

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Of all the music I’ve listened to on Qobuz, certainly over half of it seems to be 24 bit, so I would be surprised if that was correct. There seems to be a steady increase in 24 bit stuff, just as there is with MQA on Tidal.

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From Qobuz.
“Currently, Qobuz has more than 240,000 albums in Hi-Res audio quality.”

It’s not an insignificant number.


The latest releases on Qobuz are certainly not always new albums. Many are 24 bit remastered versions of old classics, presumably ones they have some demand for. Some are noticeably better in SQ, others it seems to offer no advantage over CD.

I’m waiting on the Spotify offering, use Qobuz which I need to renew in July but have an old NDX and the Mconnect interface isn’t great. If Spotify is around £15 or less and decent CD quality I’d seriously consider it as I like the Naim app / connect interface.

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Unfortunately MQA is not HiRes

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Yes it is, but it’s not lossless.

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Depends on what your definition of hi res is.

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Not sure what Darko’s listening to, but just did a quick count of how many “Recent Albums” were in high res, in the Classical and Jazz categories (two genres I spend much time with). Out of the most recent 50 albums in Jazz 11 were non-hi res and just 4 out of 50 in classical. If that’s representative, the great majority of what’s being added at least in those genres is HR.


What he said

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If you are referring to darko, he said 90% of tidal is cd quality and 10% is hi res which would be mqa. Or are you referring to someome else?

Please don’t tell me someone has cooked up a more complicated definition than anything higher than 16/44.1 “CD quality” files.

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Personally - I’m just hoping that Spotify choose Japan as one of the ‘selected’ locations to kick the new service off with. Tidal and Quboz unavailable here, and please don’t get me started on what IS available here in CD quality or better.
I’m happy with Spotify now for casual and ‘discovery’ listening, so I’l be very happy if we are amongst first access countries.