Is there any benefit to buying music on QOBUZ v streaming it ?

is it a higher resolution ?

I have not done it but I believe wifi bandwidth is lower cost than streaming for use in your car or mobile device.

With a few exceptions, streaming from my own NAS (downloaded) appears to give a slightly better sound quality than from Qobuz directly. How system dependant this is, and I am referring here to the modem/router/NAS part of the system, I do not know.

If there is a difference with the new generation streaming platforms, it is subtle if at all. I can sometimes convince myself that the locally streamed download is very slightly better than the internet streamed with all else equal.
I do however think that locally streamed CD rips on my QNAP NAS are consistently better than internet streamed CD quality. Dont know why though.

The biggest advantage is that a file you purchased will not disappear if the copyright holder withdraws the Qobuz license. It happens quite a lot in my experience if your streaming favorite library is sufficiently large. I buy everything that is really important to me, so far vinyl or CD, but possibly files in the future (though the vinyl package is generally preferable except for space reasons).

It might be the case that the artist also gets a slightly bigger share when you buy, but I don’t know. Payout for smaller artists is pennies from streaming because the sum of money payed by subscriptions (and after profits, costs, and license fees) is divided by the number of all streams.

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