How do I install Qobuz on the Naim app please? Qobuz says it’s integrated but it’s not on my Naim app.

Have you signed in via the Naim app.

If you are using a device that supports qobuz:

Make sure it is enabled in “input settings”

Press the icon
Type your account details

You won’t see the qobuz icon for eg muso qb gen 1, where it’s not supported.

Thanks for the replies.

It turns out that my NDX is an older version that doesn’t support Qobuz.

I use Qobuz on Roon via RooUPnp on a raspberry Pi. Works flawlessly to my NDS
Or RoPiee (free but not quite as flawless)

Yes, I used Audionivarna on an old Mac until I was able to install Qobuz in the Naim app for my Atom H.E. All easy to use.

FYI your profile suggests you have an ndx2.

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