Down again or is it just me? :rage:

Working in the colonies.

Working fine in England.

OK here in Bristol UK.

Fine here in the Amsterdam NL too.

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Is a good guide. Everything seems to working fine in UK.

It was just me. VPN getting in the way.

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Good news @MikeD
Unfortunately I am finding Qobuz dropping out, usually at the beginning of a track a couple of times. It’s happening to streamed tracks regularly over the last couple of days. I seem to get these issues intermittently, but the source of the problem is hard to locate; something on my network, something at Qobuz or one of the many, many things in between.

I used to have a similar problem and had fibre to the cabinet, then copper to the house, (70 mbs). Regular drop outs, but whenever checked by the ISP (BT), they always found the speed was good and never looked further.

Eventually, after about seven visits and no improvements, they sent an old sweat round to check it. He found many issues, including; wrong socket fitted, (how they all missed that), loose connection in their box in the grass sward outside, but the biggest problem was corroded cable.

He tidied everything up, but said that the cable really needed to be changed, which would involve digging up the path and my driveway.

It would be worth getting your ISP to throughly check you line, not just for speed, (which it seems us all they’re interested in), but also for drop outs.

I eventually resolved the problem by changing ISP and going full fibre to the house, (200 mbs). Now everything is nice and stable, which No drop outs. I also hard wire everything where I can now, rather than use Wi-Fi.



My Qobuz problem seems to getting worse. Now it won’t play at all! I can play music from my Melco server, and I can also listen to internet radio on my ND555, all my saved Qobuz albums are visible in the app and I can select them to play, they just don’t start. At the point I press play on a piece of Qobuz music, the album cover art of the Qobuz album appears in the play window but the accompanying text remains that of the previous track that was playing and that’s it.
Not sure what to do next. Apart from listen to something on the server that is :confused:

All back in working order again now. I touched nothing and didn’t even turn off and on again. Mysterious, but good news for me anyway.

I haven’t noticed any interruptions here in the states.

During several months testing Qobuz I experienced similar behaviour: through my Atom HE, through Roon and even on the PC. This is the main reason for me to switch back to TIDAL and I have not had any playback issues since. I am located in The Netherlands with a high speed fibre internet connection.


That’s odd. I have both Tidal and Qobuz side by side and both work equally flawless.

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