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Does anyone use these quadrasphire feet? I like them very much … But I would like the sound of my Nait5si and ND5xs2 to be better

The ND5 XS2 hugely outclasses the NAIT 5si.

For better sound you should look to acoustic treatment of your room, changing your amp and possibly changing your (unnamed) speakers (depending on what they are).

These things are £300 a set of 4 (in UK) To use them on both your boxes is £600 & I suspect you will get far better sonic upgrades spending that kind of money elsewhere.
Besides that, these feet mods are very dependant on what support you already have you equipment on, so please tell us what rack/shelving do you have your ND5 & Nait on at the moment, that may be the place to make better foundation improvements…

This system, I send you pictures, in Italy cost 4 €280.00.

By resellting the retailer under the naipi nd x2, I noticed the shortest and potent low

Ciao Andrea, you can for sure improve your ‘foundations’.
Its not advisable to stack the boxes on top of each other, the transformer magnetic field & its micro vibrations can affect the other & more separation distance is better. Side by side will be much better.
Also you will improve further by de-coupling the boxes, it looks like they are standing on a cabinet or shelf. Many people with your type of installation mount the units on some form of sub-table/shelf/glass.
So in your set up I expect the Quadrasphere feet will help, plus having the boxes side by side. But the cost of those feet is excessive & I expect the same result can be found at a lower cost

Thank you. Yes, it is a wooden piece of furniture and I also intended to put a glass like a picture I saw here on the forum. Could I also take two cheaper quadrasphire sets (basic model)?

N. B.: if I leave the boxes one above the other it is advisable to isolate them with quadrasphire q-plus feet?

It would probably be much better to get a 2 tier Isoblue, Quadraspire or similar (proper audiophile) rack, and stand them on that, isolating the rack from the wooden shelf using 1 set of isolating feet. Paying attention to the resonant modes of the underlying shelf / furniture is also likely to be highly beneficial.

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