Quadraphonic SACD

Hello All: Today the postie handed me the Mott The Hoople double SACD/CD from the Dutton Vocalion label.

One of the three albums in the package, The Hoople, is offered as either a quad or a stereo mix. That set me wondering what would be needed to play the Quad version from the SACD. I am guessing you would the following hardware:

  1. An SACD player with an HDMI output to send the encrypted digital data read from the disc to…
  2. An AV receiver with an HDMI input that can decrypt the encoded stream.
  3. Four speakers, natch

I guess the SACD player would also require additional smarts beyond the two-channel players so that the user could tell it to read either the multichannel or the stereo mix, right? So just ‘any old’ player that can read a regular SACD would not suffice.

Does that about cover it or is there something else needed to enjoy quadraphonic music?


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