Quadraspire wall bracket


I’m using a Quadraspire Q4 Evo rack. For years I’ve been happy with it on top of a small chest, slightly smaller than the bottom shelf. With the weight of the units above it it’s pretty stable, and I can slide the whole lot quite easily if I need to get to the back for any reason. And I don’t ever need to get into the chest :grin:

I don’t want to change the rack since it fits in the limited space and looks good, but I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile getting a wall bracket to replace the chest. Any thoughts ?

I have a QS wall shelf my LP12 doesn’t play nice with suspended floors. If that’s not a problem for you, and you’re happy with your current arrangement, I a change might not be worthwhile.

I have a concrete floor, and no LPs, so (doing my best to) have a dance is not an issue

Your source is the ND5XS2? Fantastic piece of gear, isn’t it. However, wall shelves are designed primarily for turntables. Your QS Evo would probably sound better if it was standing on the floor, not on a chest.

Yes, love the ND5XS2. Both for sound and usability - Roon and Chromecast just, well, work :slight_smile:
Maybe a better option is to buy another shelf and columns so that I can take away the chest but keep the units at the same height. Mmm…

It’s carpet over solid concrete floor. Would I be better to use spikes or flat foots ? I have both

I’m confused. Do you mean the Q4 is on top of a chest? Do you also mean that you’d get a wall shelf and put the Q4 on top of that?

If so, it sounds like a bad idea. Just put the stand on the floor. Use the spikes. Cut small slits in the carpet and underlay with a Stanley knife, so that the stand can sit solidly without rocking.

Yes, that how it is! It’s been fine for me up until now, but after hearing the difference from adding a HiCap I’ve been pondering other things I could improve. The wall shelf was a bad idea so glad to be put right on that! What I’ll do is buy another shelf and columns and just put it on the floor using spikes. Cheers

That sounds good. It should sound a good bit better spiked to the floor rather than sitting on the cabinet. And not too expensive for an extra shelf, which is always good.

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