Quality BNC-Plugs for use with Superline mandatory?

As I will get a new tonearm/cart (and new Garrard 401-Motorboard ) for my restored Garrard 401, I wonder what sort of plugs for armlead/phonolead on Superline-side should be used?
I remember vaguely that @Richard.Dane recommended 50 ohm BNC plugs…?
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On a Superline, I would definitely go for 50 ohm BNCs.

I emailed Naim about this when I was commissioning a Schröder Reference. I’d had an Aro and a superline for a few years and was going to have BNCs on the new arm. Phil Harris replied that I should request nickel plated 50Ω BNCs. I got the impression Schröder’s UK agent thought these disappointingly mundane but didn’t say as much, Frank Schröder was inscrutable and fitted them as requested.
I managed to detach one recently when I posted the newly serviced superline back onto its shelf, trapping the plugs and then pulling too hard on the cable before I realised. Fortunately it wasn’t beyond my soldering abilities to remedy but a fly tying vice came in very handy.

I had the same question late last year. While the 50 ohm BNC is the ideal plug for the SuperLine, the T-Kable on my LP12 was too large to fit it. It’s possible to get a bigger BNC, but the resistance is different, and so it’s not a recommended solution.

The choice, therefore, is simple: either get rid of the T-Kable and use a more slender phono cable, or continue with the T-Kable and connect using the RCAs. I went with the latter.

If anyone knows of a high quality, nickel plated 50 ohm BNC plug that can fit a T-Kable, I would love to hear about it.

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