Quality NACA5

picked up my new naca5 cable today. there is a fault on the cable. cable plays Perfect. are such places normal due to the winding on the drum? should i change the cable?

That looks really compressed and possibly broken under the outer.

It would definitely be a return and replace if it was my purchase.

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That would definitely affect the secondhand resale value significantly too. I would ask for it to be replaced.




That looks pretty bad. Very surprised if it was sold to you like that by a Naim dealer

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It doesn’t look good, but actually it’s not as bad as it looks.

The copper won’t be damaged; the cable sheath will have been deformed while still in the plastic state.
There is a narrowing of the sheath in one position, but there is also a thickening of the sheath either side of this position, therefore the narrowing is not actually as bad as it looks.

I suspect you dealer will declare that this is a normal manufacturing occurrence. :cowboy_hat_face:

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dealer just spoken. he says that happens often. but there can be nothing on the cable itself. it is a former naim dealer and it was the rest of stock that i got at a great price. I can bring the cable back. unfortunately he cannot deliver a new one then.

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