I cannot help feeling that some Naim products are poor quality.
My Unitilite CD drawer constantly jams and sometimes I think it will never open again.
I leave the unit in standby if I don’t the drawer will not open at all.
My last cd player was 18 years old when I changed it and it was still working.

Have you discussed this with your Naim dealer?

Spoke to the dealer about 12 months ago who said leaving it in stand by would stop the problem but now it is just as bad in stand by.
It’s 4 years old and not used a great deal just don’t get why the most expensive item I have ever purchased is not as reliable as my old players.

Has the warranty run out? I thought recent kit came with 5 years.

That is terrible, your kit should work whether you turn it off or leave it on! Your dealer is just hoping you go away.

Didn’t I once read that Unitilite used a different mechanism to the original Uniti. Naim should still fix it though.



Cannot find any paperwork that says how long the warranty runs for but seem to think it was 2 or 3 years.
Original dealer no longer in business so not sure what will happen if I go to a different dealer.

Check this

You may use any Naim dealer, you need not have bought it from them.

My understanding is warranty is two years, unless you have registered it, then it is 5.

I also have the draw issue and leaving on standby doesn’t make any difference. Some days it works, some it doesn’t.

You can pull the front down and draw will come out.

An earlier post this week suggests it is a belt that dries out and loses grip. If you open the draw you can see it.

The previous post suggests a fix, which I haven’t tried, but will if I can get a belt.

The fault is annoying for something so simple.

Sadly, and forums are bad for this, because of various reported issues on the uniti range means I’m very nervous about changing to a Nova, despite universal praise for how it sounds.

Just looked and can see the belt.
Would not mind fitting a new one but knowing the size is going to be difficult.
I found a place online who sells about 50 different belts of varying lengths and flat or round but which would be correct?

This is the belt!


Measures 30mm external diameter 28mm internal. Is 1mm high/thick and have a chamfered edge.

It may well be slightly smaller as due to age/use it may have expanded a bit.

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porkyg thanks for that info.
Found a site where they have some similar bands but they are either flat or round so not sure which to go for

This is what a company I’ve been in touch with says.

The shape is most probably square profile, although it would sit in the gear wheel on one of the square corners so it looks like a diamond. (I hope you understand what I’m trying to describe) and then over time the rubber starts to round off a little and so it becomes a little mishapened.

He is coming back to me tomorrow if he has one in stock and I’ll see how that goes.

If it works, then fine, if not, then I’ll just live with it as a return to Naim v value of the lite isn’t worth it unless something else requires doing.

Hi porkyg thanks for all your help on this much appreciated.
Yes undrstand what you mean by square, be interested to hear what happens tomorrow.
Thinking about it, it looks like a Naim design fault as the manufacturer of the slide out drawer did not design the drawer to push open a spring loaded flap as well as moving the drawer and Naim it would seem did not take it into consideration.

Naim definitely not as reliable now.i will stick with my olive kit

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