Quarantine time dreaming

I agree with this viewpoint, buying a pair of Neat MF 7s which, at the time, were way ahead of my then Naim system. They were simply too good to pass up at the price.

Since then, I moved to a six week old pair of MF 9s, at a ridiculously low cash figure, and, as above, have gradually upgraded the setup to bring out the best in them.

Sometimes, a bargain too good to turn down presents itself, and the principle you mention applies, IMHO.

Yes, of course it’s about more than cost. That was just simply a shorthand way of describing the situation. As Dave explains he got his MF9s and then built an appropriate system to feed them. That’s perfectly sensible when a speaker bargain presents itself and is largely what I did with my setup. The question is whether you can or wish to spend the sort of money needed to build a balanced system, which is something only you know.

One other thing to consider is whether the speakers are actually capable of delivering the sort of immersive experience you seek. A high price and good looks are no guarantee of effective communication. It would be a shame to upgrade to a 500 level system and find you are still disappointed.

If you get the chance, try to audition the Hegel h590 at home with your speakers.

I am pretty sure that you will be impressed by this combination, giving you all the grip, clarity and soundstage you can ask for.

This could well be a speaker positioning issue, what is your room like? I haven’t heard them personally but everytime and everything I have seen them in, they sit almost in the middle of the room (yes I am exaggerating a bit but about 1.5 meters from a back and side wall).

Not that I know of. Although if you get familiar with a writers preferences and look at what equipment they use you can develop a sense of what they like and how it might apply to you.

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